Mars - Play and Learn

Communication is key
How can you ensure your employees really know their stuff on social responsibility issues, objectives and targets? And how do you engage people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and age groups to make sure your points come across?

The X-Ingredient solution? Play and Learn with Mars.

<strong>Play and Learn</strong><br>Mars Play and Learn is a gaming platform featuring a quiz that allows tailor-made company groups to be set up. By playfully bringing company-specific topics into the quiz, employees learn whilst striving to find the correct answers! Excellent fun for teams and invaluable for internal communications departments.

<strong>Variety keeps things fresh</strong><br>To keep things interesting, users can create their own quizzes using various quiz mechanics. The diversity of questions, categories and mechanics always keeps things flexible and fresh, so every quiz captivates like the last.

<strong>Access for all!</strong><br>To make sure everyone can access the game, we optimised it for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Being web-based ensures it runs smoothly on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, as well as making it easy to maintain and adapt content and mechanics based on customer feedback.

The game has proved to be an enormous success.

“The game is web-based so it <span>works perfectly smoothly</span> on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.”