About us

About us

<p>X-Ingredient was named after the mythical success formula for Coca-Cola. But our successful ingredients are no big secret. We live by 7 principles, which we try to nurture in every aspect of our work: Responsibility, Long-Term Focus, Innovation, Expertise, Camaraderie, Efficiency, and a To-The Point Approach.</p><p>They underpin how we connect with our colleagues and collaborate with our clients.</p>


<p>Our beliefs lie within our golden triangle. Combining skill, knowledge, and originality to deliver the X-Ingredient: Innovative Creation.</p><p>With 30 years of experience working across diverse industries for clients like Mars, Philips, Nokia, JDE, Darling Ingredients, and NXP amongst others, we have everything you need in-house to craft experiences and campaigns that will elevate your brand.</p><p>In short, we know our stuff and use it to create measurable impact.</p>


<p>Our team spans 40 experts and our approach to both work and relationships means some of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. Feel free to sample a flavour of what we’ve been doing with them over recent years.</p><p>If you want to know more about our vision for successful communication or how we can elevate your brand, please get in touch.</p>

Bram Gubbels, Managing partner,

Birgit Jacobs, Account director B2C,

Barry van Eijk, Art director,

Babet van Straaten, UI/UX Designer,

Demi Hendriks, Designer,

Cem Kuruc, Developer,

Jasper de Werd, Creatief DTP-er,

Lieke van Eembergen, Creatief DTP-er (jr.),

Lara Kemna, Project manager,

Maikel Awater, Motion designer,

Marty van de Ven, Project manager,

Mark Bakker, Motion designer,

Martijn Engelkes, Developer,

Mies Tazelaar, Art director (jr.),

Peter Colee, Founder,

Tim Boons, Developer (jr.),

Tim Elders, Motion designer,

Luud van den Broek, Online marketer,

Maurits van Mierlo, Developer,

Iva Heijmans, UI/UX Designer (jr.),

Barend Geijsen, Art director,

Gijs Beijer, Developer,

Merel van Kessel, Content producer,

Ella van Gils, Content producer (jr.),

Gregor Lof, Account director B2B,

Fleur Soetens, Project manager,

Michel van Bakel, Controller,

Mariella van Goch, Office manager,

Kevin van Creij, Designer,

Phi-Yen Phan, Illustrator,

Bjorn Degen, Creative technologist,

Vincent Kierkels, Motion designer,

Tim Guth, Creative technologist (jr.),

Anouk van de Kerkhof, Online marketer,

Laurenz Maas, Designer,