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We focus on experiences and campaigns that connect to your audiences. Online events, VR or AR demonstrations, hybrid exhibitions on one side, online, instore or multimedia campaigns on the other. We’re always at the forefront of innovation – not for the sake of art, but for the satisfaction of delivering long-term results.

Why not sample a few flavours of our work here? Or if you’d prefer interacting face-to-face (with coffee on us), do get in touch.

Sonac, Sonac Functional Products is a producer of animal proteins that can improve the quality and yield of meat products. They were looking for a Marketing Automation set up that extended on the campaign 'Let's solve your meat puzzle'. The goal was to generate more website visitors, clicks and leads that would result into contact moments. Via creation of in-depth blogs on the website and offers like on-site demonstrations, white papers and research reports an automated mail flow has been drawn up and which generates relevant leads from all over the globe.,

Be-kind Clean-up, BE-KIND With a social media campaign around World Clean Up-day, BE-KIND draws attention to a cleaner living environment. Through paid and organic posts on various social media channels, a total of almost 1 million Dutch people were reached to participate in the Clean Up-day.,

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Illustraties, The role of illustration is indispensable in contemporary communication. Whether it's animation, print or social content. Good illustrations support your message and attract attention. A picture says more than 1000 words. We make characters to put faces on brands, artwork to build creative activations with, and supporting illustrations for articles and infographics.,

Jacqmotte, Jacqmotte wanted to set up an interactive campaign that revolves around 'quality needs time'. Because we all live busy lifestyles Jacqmotte wanted to invite you to create the time to savor the moment. We created a game that you can play, while waiting for your coffee. With this game you could win a Slow Drip Coffee Maker, to make you the best cup of coffee. The action page was promoted using PointOfSales material, banners and an online video that was shared on social media. On the page you had to play a search game and find certain items as quickly as possible. The 250 fastest participants have won a Slow Drip Coffee Maker. The campaign page was visited almost 35,000 times, of which more than 18,000 came via the social media campaign. The game has been played 8,500 times in 1 month with an average playing time of 1.5 minutes!,

Johan, Johan Oldenburg was at the start of his fashion career when he was asked to participate in an important fashion show. For this he also wanted to have an online existence. That's why a website was built, a press release was written and a social media campaign was created, which all went live the moment Johan walked onto the catwalk with his models. And within a week the Facebook-page had almost 1.400 likes!,

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Mars Better Smile, Mars wanted to inform employees about social responsibility issues, objectives and achieved targets. Therefor a gaming platform was created where Mars can publish games for specific groups of associates with tailor made questions. By playing the game, knowledge and involvement was increased. In the next phase, the platform has been enriched with even more game options and it also has been used internationally for various topics.,

Mars magazine, Tell and show in a simple and inspiring way what course the organization is heading! That was the main goal for the Mars associate’s magazine. But how are you going to communicate management lingo to associates in a clear and interesting way? And how do you ensure that the associates will actually read it? We are doing just that by creating an associate’s magazine at a glossy level in terms of texts, images and themes. Mars Magazine is now the perfect medium to communicate all the (inter)national goals and values that Mars wants their associates to focus upon.,

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Philips trade presentaties, Unfortunately, the annual event in which the plans for next year are shared with customers could not take place due to COVID. That is why Philips decided to give the presentations virtually. A full event was organized including a branded platform that contained various interactive functionalities such as; a live Q&A, interactive cards and AR. The viewership was very high so the event was a success. After 2 local events, the global event was also provided by X-Ingredient. At the global event AR cards were being used. The hero-product was recreated in 3D on the side of the screen so viewers were able to view the product from all sides using their mouse. If you scanned the product you could even see it in AR!,

Prijsvrij, The first COVID lockdown caused all air traffic to be shut down and holidays to be cancelled. There was a lot of uncertainty. Prijsvrij was one of the only ones who made a commercial with a positive message, image and music, so people could dream away for a while. With the pay off 'You are free to dream, see you later', the commercial was also loaded on social media where it achieved a great reach.,

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Storyboards, Storyboards are an indispensable factor in the realization of animation and film. The storyboard makes it clear what's the animation about, what's the story. In this phase we translate script into moving image. This is the phase to test ideas and determine a good flow.,

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Vion BCC, Vion applies the 'Building Balanced Chains' strategy to supply safe, healthy and tasty food. They wanted to clarify this concept by means of an animation video. The aim was to provide affiliated farmers with more information about what Vion exactly does. X-Ingredient has scripted, styled and animated the story of Building Balanced Chains in an easy to understand production from their farmers point of view.,

Vion People matter, A new style had to be developed for Vion's leadership training program. The aim was to develop a recognizable theme with an inspiring appearance. By developing this new identity, including interactive materials, the program was easily recognizable for the participants and it importance and professional appearance was raised greatly. This improved the level of participation and dedication to the training program.,

Visualisatie, A good visual makes an idea or concept tangible. It provides clarity and takes the viewer along in the experience you want to create. In this way you can explore surprising directions and makes it possible to get your audience on board. X-Ingredient uses visualizations to convey concepts in the presentation phase. We also create visuals to present new decors and designs, such as the layout of an open-plan office or a new product before it had actually been realised. There are countless applications where a good visual helps you convince your audience of your idea.,

ZED-Mumbos, ZED Candy wanted to launch a new product called Mumbos in the market. To achieve this, they needed a new, stylish, recognizable packaging, but also a repositioning of the ZED Candy company versus brand name. Mumbos has been given a great look and feel including an out-of-the-box packaging form and design, suitable for the international market.,

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Bavaria 0.0, As we see 0.0% beers become more and more popular, Swinkels Family Brewers came to X-Ingredient with the request to make an animation for this beer category. This animation had to have a general appearance (not branded) and be informative in nature. It showed the latest trends and statistics on the 0.0% category. This animation was used during the Bavaria Roadshow, in which employees and customers are informed about different beer related topics such as trends, categories and sustainability.,

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