Mars - Magazine

How do you tell and show in a clear and inspiring way the company’s direction? And how do ensure the magazine will be read by employees? These were some of the challenges we embraced when creating the Mars staff magazine. A glossy magazine with the right balance of texts, images and themes has helped convey key company information while making people feel intregral to the Mars journey.

A fine balance between management messages, personal stories, and operational information is maintained. The company’s key pillars help create a unified voice with everyone – factory workers to senior executives – playing their part as member of the Mars family.

We work closely with Mars to coordinate the production, content and photography. Using tailor-made illustrations and creative design, the magazine is both emotionally engaging and easy-to-digest, making it a popular read with all employees.

Mars Magazine has been produced twice a year since 2018

“A place to tell <span>personal stories</span> or important messages.”