Mars - Magazine
As soon as the word ‘Corporate’ comes up, most of the listeners quit. But how then, could you bring the corporate message across to your staff? Well, make the story entertaining and relevant, like Mars did with their glossy Mars Magazine. Within the magazine, the employees their selves became the advocates of the story. We developed the concept for the magazine and took care of the content from copy, design, visuals and illustrations.
Beter Horen - Commercial
The impact of the COVID-19 crisis at our daily lives, differs per country. Beter Horen therefore asked us to create a TVC in which the Italian concept of ‘Normal sounds amazing’ was translated to the Dutch market. We’ve created a new story based on an existing template to make people emotionally aware of the importance of good hearing in the new normal and invited them to the Beter Horen stores.
Fermacell - Campagne totaaloplossing
In order to communicate that Fermacell and James Hardie are combining forces, we’ve set up a campaign including online and offline assets for the Dutch and Belgium market.
Nokia - Wifi installation video
The Nokia WiFi solution is easy to install and configure. A claim that needs proof since no brand will claim the other way around. So how to convince your probably skeptical target audience that your product stands out from the competition? Just proof it by a demonstration video.
Bavaria - Redesign
Did you ever notice the differences between colors on screen or in print? As a brand you want to have this difference as small as possible. After the redesign of Bavaria Nederland we’ve defined the color values for the Pils and 0.0% categories. This way, the colors of all communications became consistent and recognizable.
Excluton - Website
For Excluton, a leading producer and supplier of pavement materials, we’ve designed and developed a B2C webshop. The webshop allows visitors to select and order the products they want. After approval of the quotation, the order will be sent to the nearest dealer.
E&J Couture - Website
The House of E&J Couture is a sophisticated, online brand for tailor made fashion products for men and women. In order to make the products available online, we’ve established a visual identity and developed a web shop from scratch. Having a clothing configurator, customers can now compile their garments to their own specific sizes and wishes in just a few clicks. In need of a new outfit but struggling with the right fit? Ejcouture.com might be it!
Mars - Wrigley
What to do if you’re corporate identity has been updated and this has made the entire building outdated? Well, do what Mars did. They just called us and we took care of the redesign of all assets. The building is now shining even more than ever before.
Lowes - Animation video
When new ways of working are introduced, people always feel some resistance. For BrandLoyalty we’ve therefore created an explainer animation that clearly explained what the new loyalty program included and how everyone would benefit from it.
Mars - Cultural Audit
Mars is a Great Place to Work, they only had to convince the people who not work with them yet. Therefore, we’ve designed and redesigned the Cultural Audit booklet.
Philips - Avent brandbook
For Philips Avent we brought the concept of a brandbook to a higher level. Besides promoting the Avent product range, we included helpful information about (breast)feeding your baby, calming and comforting your baby and all other topics related to the phases of your baby growing up. This way the brandbook has become a helpful guide for midwives, nurses and future parents. We took care of the copy and designs.
Whiskas - Kittenkollege
Whiskas integrated 2 new platforms into their website to teach pet owners about the development of their kittens and cats. But how to get traffic towards it? With this goal in mind, we’ve developed an appealing emailing.
MMs - Topkaart - AH winterdorp
In order to support the national Albert Heijn winter promotion, we’ve created this display card.
SFB - Sfeeropstellingen
Displays come in all shapes and sizes. For Swinckels’ we’ve provided the concept and artworks for the instore mood mountings.
Mars - Future
Mars wanted to convince their partners of their instore plans. As there was no material available yet, we’ve visualized their plans in a 3D animation. After the meeting the partners were excited about both the video and the plans!
Swinkcels - Serveerplankje
We’ve designed the package, the recipe bundle, wrapper and top cards for the drink pack that Swinckel’s developed in cooperation with top chef Ron Blaauw.
Royal Canin - Caninecare tradebox
After the launch of a new product range, Royal Canin had to convince retailers to place the new products at their shelves. But how to bring this message across? Based on research, we’ve invented a tradebox. This way we could not only grab the retailer’s attention for our story: by providing him with a nice gift, we’ve improved the goodwill to do something back.
Mars - ITR
A new corporate identity calls for a new website. For Mars ITR we’ve designed and developed a new website. It wasn’t only the front of the website that we’ve refreshed. Also the technical backend was upgraded (newer Lavarel, PHP and up to date JS). And by including an API for the Product Management database, the website now shows always the latest product information. Curious? Go check it out: https://mars-itr.com/
Mars - Sint-Maarten en Halloween ATL 2019
For Mars we’ve created the TV tagon for Halloween and Sint Maarten from scratch. The animation was translated into different versions, so that it was also usable for their online campaign.
Beter Horen - Brochures
For Beter Horen we’ve developed brand guidelines, so that all communications will strengthen the corporate identity. Based on these new guidelines, we’ve developed already 4 brochures, a paper folder and a bag.
Philips - Fotoshoot mommy summerbag
The key visuals (photos) for the Philips Mommy and Summer bag are used in all campaign assets. We’ve arranged the photoshoot from A to Z: from creating the sketches and arranging the photographer to choosing the right location.
JDE - DE - 4plus1 - Promo
What messages work best on the shop floor? And how can we translate this to other activation campaigns in the long term? For Senseo we’ve developed a new visual style and created instore guidelines for next instore promotions.
Mars - Engineering Logo
For the engineering department of Mars, we’ve developed a logo and guidelines within the overall corporate identity.