Philips PH - Global Customer Event

When the pandemic began, the entire event sector was shut down and remained shut for over two years. With physical meetings no longer possible, companies had to find new ways to stay in touch with colleagues and stakeholders. This is why we created a way to help Philips Personal Health organise a virtual live event in the form of a TV-style broadcast.

Together we curated an engaging line-up to ensure people stayed logged in and watching. We shared company, market and product stories with stakeholders in a variety of formats, hosted by a talented individual who seamlessly connected stories and aided the speakers.

<strong>Creating a buzz</strong><br>Pre-event communication was paramount in creating excitement for the upcoming show. Strategies such as inspirational invites, with countdown email reminders about when to log in, helped generate anticipation for the event. We created a custom landing page branded specifically to communicate the look and feel of Philips. Once invitees registered, they were granted access to the event program thus creating even more buzz for what was to come.

<strong>The platform</strong><br>One of the biggest advantages of organising an event like this is that you are able to communicate directly to your target audience. We wanted to make people feel like they were actually at an event, so we integrated functions like live Q&As, polls and 3D/AR cards into the platform. Our moderator dashboard allowed instant review of viewer’s questions which could then be shared with the presenter in real time. Finally, we added a language support function to translate subtitles into 13 different languages, meaning we could reach people all over the world.

<strong>What was in the package?</strong><br>