Nokia WING Augmented Reality Experience

Nokia WING Augmented Reality experience
In the world of mobile technology, evolutions occur at a tremendous pace. Every year Mobile World Congress (MWC) is packed with the latest mobile technologies, concepts, and innovations making it increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out among the noise. So how do you get customers’ attention? Instead of just talking about your business, you can help them experience your innovation firsthand.

Partnering up
For MWC2020 we partnered up with Nokia to develop a fully-connected Augmented Reality (AR) experience. Through the interactive AR application, we were able to tell the story of how WING can help you expand your network and enable you to create revenue.

<strong>Selling through immersion</strong><br>Together with Nokia we created a compelling use case. The process started with a simple sketch and ended as high-quality interactive 3D models. To demonstrate a more authentic experience, mock brands were created with detailed interfaces, conveying a real story.<br>

<strong>Infinite possibilities</strong><br>Using advanced technologies like face recognition, built-in sensors and Augmented Reality (AR) we created an experience to show, not tell – an experience that truly stood out from the crowd.

The crux of this endeavour is combining all these technologies into a visually compelling and easy-to-follow story, without making it feel like just a gimmick. Most importantly, each innovation has a function and contributes to the overall enhanced experience for the user.

“Combining storytelling with technology is the real challenge. <span>How can you make it more than just a tech demo?</span> That is important to make the experience relevant”