Excluton In-Store VR Experience

Have you ever wondered what your garden would look like with a different set of tiles, a new stone wall with fresh colors and patterns, or a new meandering pathway – all without getting your hands dirty?

In partnership with Excluton we created an in-store interactive virtual reality (VR) experience where users can browse through an extensive Excluton catalogue and create the garden of their dreams. Users experience the real visual impact of different tile arrangements in their garden as if it were real, all without putting in a minute’s work.

<p><strong>Finding the sweet spot</strong><br>The most challenging aspect of this project was creating an intuitive way of navigating through the experience in VR. The target audience had a broad range of familiarity with the technology, and many had never experienced VR before.</p><p>The other challenge was creating and testing the UI in VR, which is still a developing area in digital media. We wanted to create a safe and immersive experience, especially for those who had never tried VR.</p>

<p><strong>From imagination to reality</strong><br>Inside the VR experience, users could test different designs and layouts, take screenshots of their space and email it to themselves – including a list of products they chose while in the experience. From there users would request quotes or directly purchase items in the garden center and turn their virtual space into reality.</p>

<p><strong>360 integration</strong><br>To help promote the VR experience we installed a search function on the Excluton website to help customers find VR dealers. We also created a landing page that could be linked to from online advertisements.</p>

“For a lot of users, it will be their first VR experience. <span>How can you create an experience that feels safe and immersive?”</span>