Philips - Staycation Campaign

When the Netherlands entered lockdown, Philips set about offering a positive twist to the situation with their Airfryer campaign. With people stranded at home, we were tasked with creating a campaign and pay off centered around the idea of staycations and the endless dishes you can make with the Airfryer.

<strong>The taste of holiday</strong><br>The essence of a holiday experience is the experience new and varied cuisine. This was the thinking behind our central theme: ‘Proef de vakantie in je eigen keuken’ or ‘Taste holiday in your own kitchen’. Our key visual focused on a traditional dish in its most typical setting – connecting positive holiday feelings with the Airfryer experience. Using different countries and dishes, this connection between the Airfryer and holidaying at home was elevate to top-of-mind.

<strong>Recipe after recipe</strong><br>To lead customers through the buyer journey, we developed messaging based on the awareness, consideration, and conversion model. In the awareness phase, the connection between Philips and holidaying was key, so the focus was on a traditional dish in a typical holiday setting. Once interested, we persuaded potential customers of the Airfyer’s functional benefits, creating trigger videos that linked to a landing page full of recipes. To convert, communication was used to lower the threshold for an actual purchase.

<strong>182% uplift</strong><br>During the campaign, an uplift of 182% was achieved compared to the same period the previous year. Interestingly, we achieved a per click almost six times lower than that of Philips’ default campaign assets. Which shows that the right investment – with the right creative experts! – really can pay dividends.