The Jacqmotte Game

Quality takes time
Brussels coffee brand Jacqmotte has stood for quality since 1828. And quality takes time. A fact often overlooked by the fast-living younger generation. To convey this message to this Jacqmotte target market and emphasize the unmistakable quality of the coffee, we developed a campaign linking Jacqmotte to a moment of rest.

Awareness through gamefication
30% of young people spend their entire day online and over 30% play games daily. Using this insight, we developed a gaming designed to motivate users and build brand association while aligning with their brand values, positioning and target market.

<strong>The Jacqmotte game</strong><br>The setting is Brussels – a city ripe with coffee moments. This addictive yet soothing game invites you to find hidden objects in a freshly illustrated map with historical elements emphasising the rich history of Jacqmotte. During the campaign, 75 slow-drip coffee makers were awarded to gamers each month and the game proved to be a popular brain trainer – not just for the younger generation but older consumer base too.

<strong>Bringing the campaign to the audience</strong><br> Traffic to the game was generated via social media and in-store POS materials.

“Relax, take your time and <span>find the 5 Jacqmotte items</span> hidden in the illustration!”